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About Us

Lawyers powering the legal revolution.
Legal education, training, research and development by lawyers with widespread practical and strategic experience
who regularly appear in court and advise businesses on various areas of the law.

LB training is a collective made up of practising lawyers from different law firms offering customised legal education and training to organisations and businesses. We have been friends, associates and partners for more than 10 years and share the same vision of building a better Malaysia through the law.

Individually, each lawyer specialises in focused areas of the law according to our love and passion for the law. We have witnessed, handled and facilitated complicated business deals as well as high profile and precedent-setting litigation in the country.

We can help you focus on issues that matter to your organisation and business.

LB training offers legal training, talks, seminars, workshops, case studies and our unique GameShops™. We promise participants a high level of engagement, interaction, motivation and learning that may be applied in their daily work. Our programmes cover an extensive range of subjects, from employment law, civil and criminal litigation, intellectual property rights, property development, contract to fraud, and media and entertainment law. LB training is the corporate training component of Liberal Banter Sdn Bhd.