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Amer Hamzah Arshad

A partner in Nizam Bashir & Amer Hamzah, Amer has vast experience in areas of commercial crimes (including but not limited to corruption and anti-money laundering cases), capital punishment offences, drugs offences, sexual offences, offences against the person and public order, immigration cases (involving asylum seekers and refugees) and other offences of violence.

His criminal law practice primarily consists of defence work and appeals at the High Court of Malaya, the Court of Appeal and Federal Court of Malaysia. Involved in several high-profiled criminal trials in Malaysia, he also advises and defends individuals and corporations prosecuted for breaches of various penal and regulatory laws, such as; the companies, securities, co-operative societies, employment, environmental and occupational safety legislations.

Amer’s areas of practice include public and administrative law, contracts, defamation, tort, commercial law, employment and industrial relations.